Saturday, March 10, 2012

needle and thread

day 70

Today was very productive despite me being sick (with some weird unknown thing at the moment ... if it persists I may have to go to the doctor). I had intended to wake up early to watch the Northern Lights, but alas my alarm didn't go off! My mom said it wouldn't have mattered though; it had been cloudy even at three AM.

My whole day consisted of sewing. I sewed myself a skirt with some fabric Matt's mom gave me, as well as some pillows for my school's play. I'm not done with the pillows yet. They still need to be stuffed.

While I sewed, Oscar came and sat in my lap, played with some string, then fell asleep at my feet. He is just too cute!

^^ sneak peek of my skirt :D

Also I finished knitting Matt's scarf! It was seriously taller than me. Only took four weeks to make, haha. It was totally worth it though, it will keep his neck nice and warm! (And Matt, if you don't like the buttons, I can easily change them. :)

Hope your Saturday was productive as well! And don't forget to spring forward (urgh). Have an awesome day!

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  1. i love that scarf you knitted - it's beautiful. the buttons go perfectly. and the fabric for your pillows are beautiful. and it sucks you missed the northern lights :(