Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First ever giveaway!

skirt: urban vibe // dress: mother's closet // shirt: mother's closet // shoes: thrift store/diy

You read that right! In honor of 200+ fans on lookbook and 30+ awesome readers on my blog, I'm holding my very first giveaway! This bracelet I made myself and it's so fun that I made one to keep, but this one pictured here will go to one lucky reader! It wraps around my hand twice, but if it's too small to fit around twice you can always trim it.

To enter, you must be following me via google friend connect or bloglovin', and just comment with your name and one random fact about yourself, because those are always fun! Oh and some way to contact you, be that by email or through your blog. Contest will run until March 21, 2012 at 10 PM Alaska time. Good luck! (I may even throw in a couple other goodies.)

This is seriously one of my favorite outfits ever. It's so comfortable, yet it looks put together, which is funny because usually I forget to lay out outfits the night before school and this was a total last minute clothing decision. Definitely one of my better ones. And on a side note, don't you just hate it when you hate everything you try on and have to go through an entire day convincing yourself you look crummy? And it's even worse when you look in the mirror near the end of the school day and you see that hey, you actually don't look that bad. I hate that! Haha, worrying over nothing. And really, in the whole big scheme of things, clothes don't matter that much. But on the other hand, clothes really help us express who we are and give us confidence to do things we never thought we could.

There was a really strict dress code at my school in Oklahoma. Girls weren't allowed to wear jeans and we could only wear slacks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and that was a step up--in years previous we could only wear slacks on Friday!). The guys could wear jeans, but on Wednesday they had to wear slacks. (Us girls loved that though because the guys usually wore ties as well ... and who doesn't love a guy in a tie?) That was the biggest rule in my mind. There were a ton of others though, and some people complained, but for the most part I was fine with it. It forced little ol' elementary and junior high me to really get creative with the way I dressed, and even though I had no idea what was stylish or what went together, it was a chance to not wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time.

They always told us at school that one of the reasons they had such a strict dress code was because we performed better when we dressed better. And I believe that is completely true. I'm probably more susceptible to slouch around when I'm wearing slouchy clothes. And to this day I have never owned a pair of sweatpants or yoga pants (not to say that they're bad or anything, no worries :)).

So at the same time, I hate it to no end when people at my current school complain about the dress code. I get to wear jeans everyday here, so you can shut up about not being allowed to have holes in your jeans thank you very much.

This isn't to say that I don't have my lazy days, because let me tell you, I do. The difference is, I still try to look presentable with jeans and a blouse rather than yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt. Not only does that not look very nice, but I know I won't do as well in my studies (and with me I need all the help I can get).

Haha sorry for rambling so much in this post, but that's just what I've been thinking about.
Be sure to have an awesome day, and please enter the giveaway!
Hey, it's free stuff! (Even if I hand made it ... it's still pretty cool.)


  1. I love your blog. I am a GFC follower. One random fact: I can write with both hands.

    rmccoy1234 at gmail dot com

  2. Fantastic giveaway! A random fact: I am able to do all noises of the animals!
    It's very amusing :)
    I follow you via GFC!

  3. Adrienn Luzics, GFC: Adrienn luzicsadri


    SOoo a random fact thats it: throughout the world, only 4 percent of the people got red hair and I am one of them :)

  4. I follow on google connect as "anash"
    random fact: I love eating sandwiches with potato chips stuffed in the middle
    Thanks for this giveaway
    anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. Really cute bracelet!

    Cassandra Pendino

    Fact- I plan on moving to Spain when I'm in my early twenties.


    Fact: I really love DC Comics and everything that has to do with superheros!:)
    Especially Batman! (Corny i know :) )

  7. I follow on GFC.
    A random fact about me: I secretly want to get a pet chinchilla. They are so cute and poofy!

    - Hannah
    sartorialscientist at gmail dot com

  8. That bracelet is so beautiful! :)

    Name: Lauren Bishop

    Fact: I love working with plants and if my photography career track ever falls through, I'd love to go into botany!


  9. Name: Kristi Mac :)

    Random fact: cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day