Wednesday, February 1, 2012

one word: awesome

day 31

Woohoo! I made it an entire month without skipping a day! That means this 365 has officially become a habit. And on top of just simply making my goal to become a better photographer, I've decided to make a tangible goal: have at least 100 photos with models. I really really want to push myself in that regard. I won't make it be unique models, so a person can pose for me more than once, and the options will also include actual sessions with people, as well as my family. And already I have six people other than myself (not including today's photo) modeling, so I would say that's a pretty good start. With play practice every day after school though, I won't be able to do many conceptual shoots with myself or models unless it's the weekend or closer to summer.

This photo (or one similar) is going to end up being the poster for our spring play! Us students are writing it ourselves, and it's going to be an awesome play if I do say so myself. It's our adaptation of The Book of Awesome and the author gave us full rights to create a play around his book! It's seriously ... AWESOME.

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