Saturday, February 25, 2012

day 55 and 56

day 55

day 56

I finally found my sd card adapter again! Thank goodness. Anyways, yesterday I went to a birthday gathering for a friend, and you may or may not get to see a video from that, and today Matt and I went on a date to see The Vow and play at the arcade. He saved me from being stuck at home haha. We've been saving up tickets for a while and finally decided to spend some of them. We both got the Lounge Monkey (you have to say that name seductively), which is basically a flashing light, and cute rings that have eyeballs on them (perhaps I'll get a picture in the future). So it's been an awesome weekend for me.

How has your weekend been?

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  1. i love these photos! especially the second one down. just lovely!

    sounds like a fun weekend ^_^