Tuesday, February 28, 2012

College Wish List Pt. 4

College Wish List Pt. 4

My college is located in a very wet climate, which not only is bad news for my hair, but also everything else. Alaska is somewhat rainy in the summertime, but it's not humid whatsoever, so humidity and nearly constant rainy weather are going to be a big change for me. But it won't be so bad with these adorable rain items! I have a philosophy that you feel like what you wear, and to an extent those you come in contact with as well, so whenever it's rainy, I want to wear a bright rain coat. Yellow, I think, is the typical rain coat color that people think of, and it's no surprise--yellow is just so happy!

All of these things are needs on my list ... I don't own rain boots or an umbrella or anything. Good thing there are several months before college starts!

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