Friday, February 17, 2012

little hands

For some reason or another I get to babysit the cutest kids ever. I've already babysat them once this week and get to do it again today! They give me the perfect excuse to play games and watch cartoons and at the same time act like an adult, which is fun for me.

Whenever I look at children, I often wonder what they'll be like when they're teenagers, adults. I think it would be terrifying to be a parent, praying and hoping that your kids will end up okay, wanting to give them the best and being protective of them, but at the same time giving them freedom. I bet it's one of the scariest things in the world, raising kids. But I cannot wait for the day (in the distant future) when I get to raise a family. It will be a fantastic adventure.

I especially love children's point of view. They look at the world like it's full of magic. It's sad to think that some people lose that mindset. I hope as you go through your day today you'll notice just a little bit of magic. :)

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