Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am nothing without pretend

day 47

I am so thankful for my sister. She was actually enthusiastic about taking this photo. It's so much easier to shoot models than myself (especially when crucial pieces to my tripod are missing in the depths of my room). I think this is the most extensive edit I've done with a photo of someone other than myself. I'm still trying to find a balance in editing, however, with photos looking too fake, since some people are very critical of that. And to an extent I agree with them. This is a learning art though, and to be honest I'm completely amazed that I was actually able to create the image above (in a few weeks I'll probably look back with disdain, haha. So it goes).

But a major thanks to my sister for modeling for me. Hopefully she and more of my family members will pose gladly!

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