Tuesday, February 21, 2012

College Wish List Pt. 2

College Wish List Pt. 2

Whenever I come home from school, my coat always manages to find itself on the floor ... along with many other clothes. Sharing a small dorm room with a college room mate will probably not call for clutter, so some of the things on my college wish list are hooks and coat racks.

Also, I love to display photos and papers and notes and movie ticket stubs, and my college provides a board for each student to hang things on in their dorm, so tape and magnets (and string and glue and ... ooh man) will be my best friends. You guys, I'm too excited to decorate my dorm and make it all pretty. Haha I'm crazy, I know.


  1. omygod these items are so cute!i'm really excited to decorate my college room as well! i'm a senior now :) except im afraid of a lack of closet room!

    1. Oh I know! I got to visit my college and there was hardly any closet space. :( But my friend said that there are these hanger things (I forget what they're called) that you can hang multiple hangers on, if that makes sense. Also she had a shoe rack hanger thingie too, which will help. :)