Sunday, February 19, 2012

College Wish List Pt. 1


Ever since visiting the college I'm going to attend in the fall, I've been compiling together a list of items I will either need to bring from home or purchase in the lower forty eight. It's only a page long so far, but then again my handwriting is small ...

One of the items on my list of things to purchase is containers. I'm not a very organized person, so if I can throw my stuff in containers, I am happy. Really they help me keep things in their place. Bobby pins, rings, hair bows, loose change, random rocks and sticks I find, safety pins, my sd card adaptor, flowers ... so many things that need containers! So I've been keeping my eye out (ie creeping online stores) for some cute stuff to put my stuff in. Modcloth always has the cutest things, so it's no surprise EVERYTHING on my wishlist is from them. But hey, that is certainly not a bad thing!

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