Sunday, February 26, 2012


Happy Sunday afternoon everybody! I hope you're enjoying your day off; I know I am. It's been a pretty lazy day so far. Right now I'm sitting on my bed with the covers pulled over me and a sleeping cat purring beside me as it snows outside.

My boyfriend, Matt, went on a mission trip to Russia over a year ago and bought me this scarf while there ... and just yesterday we both got rings at the arcade. We have made it a tradition to go on a date there (nearly) every weekend, and yesterday we decided to spend some of our tickets. Even though it's just plastic and the googly eyes have probably been glued on with elmer's glue, it's definitely one of my favorite rings.

And the skirt used to be an ugly dress, so I cut off the top and made the hem shorter in the front and added some buttons so it would actually fit ... and created this awesome skirt!

I'm gearing up for summer photoshoots with clients and am already beyond excited. I already have my very first wedding booked! Eep! Wedding photos are arguably the most important photos in a person's life. A wedding happens (hopefully) once in a lifetime, so the photos have to be done absolutely right. That's a pretty high bar ... I shot for a church a couple weeks ago for a building project, and that gave me a lot of good practice, so I'm not too worried about the wedding, I just want the photos to turn out perfectly!

Also I'm thinking about raising my prices for shoots. Do any of you have some suggestions? Matt and I have talked about it, and one of the things that allows me to stand out from other photographers is the fact that I'm super affordable (currently $50 USD for a 2 hour shoot, which includes up to two different locations and as many outfit changes as you want, and a cd with usually 100+ photos). The only reason I want to raise my prices (other than for being able to save up money for more photography stuff ... and since this is my only "real" job other than babysitting), is because I don't want to just give people $50 worth of photos. I would say that editing a shoot alone takes at least five hours. It's a lot of work. I love everything about photography to death, but it is still work and sometimes it's hard and tiring and challenging. So when I know that people are only paying fifty dollars, it's not very much motivation, you know? And I want to give my very best effort.

Even if you aren't a photography person, I would really appreciate your input. At this point in time I wouldn't raise my prices over $100 for senior/family sessions, but do you think that's reasonable? Would you pay that much? How much would you be willing to pay?

Thank you very much for helping me out on this, you guys are the best!

Well anyways, I hope you have a super awesome week. Stay warm! :)


  1. this look is fantastic in so many ways.

  2. That blue is amazing. Love what you did with the skirt!!

    About the photography stuff.. I know how much work goes into a photoshoot, I worked as a wedding photographer last summer. I think that 100$ is reasonable for a family session, as you's great motivation and I think it will raise your potential clients' trust in you. Good luck!!

    S. - The Hearabouts