Thursday, February 23, 2012

College Wish List Pt. 3

College Wish List Pt. 3

Hooray! Another college wishlist! This one's a bit more random, with clocks and lamps and a chalkboard and headphones, but that's just the way it goes. I'm obsessed with time, the concept of it, being on time, etc. (random fact: I'm not very good at telling time because I cheated on the time cards we had in first grade that taught us how to tell time ... I was such a bad kid, haha. Well I'm paying for it now!) Clocks really add a homey touch anywhere, plus they're good to, ya know, not be late to class and whatnot.

And just look at those fun paper lanterns? The dorm that I requested to stay in has a glorious window wall in each dorm, so there is plenty of natural lighting, but being a photography person, I'll still need tons of light if I ever want to do indoor shoots in my tiny dorm room.

The dorm that I hope to live in sadly is going to be torn down after my freshman year, so I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe they'll let us paint the walls and nail things into them and whatnot, but if not I will definitely want a cute whiteboard or chalkboard to write down important things I want to remember. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the painting dream!

The headphones are more of a want than a need. But still, they're super awesome!

The wish list series still isn't over, so stay tuned for more in the upcoming days!

P.S. I've managed to lose my SD card adapter AGAIN, so the 365 will be updated as soon as I find it ... I guess it's time to clean my room again.


  1. i want a tocky so bad! i have an aqua clocky now.

    that lamp from modcloth is adorable too.

    i hated living in dorms because ours were so cramped and old - and my room mates got in fights about who knows what. it's an experience, ill give it that!

  2. those pink headphones look so great!
    now following :)
    hope you can join my jewellery giveaway!