Friday, February 3, 2012

our havens

day 34

I was going to actually go outside and attempt to take pictures, but then I accidentally fell asleep! It's a shame too, because it snowed thirteen inches today and the snowfall was so beautiful. But since tomorrow's Saturday (Thank the Lord) I'll get some pictures of the crazy snow for you guys.

Instead I just took a photo of my room. I seriously spend the majority of my free time here, painting or drawing or playing piano or writing or surfing the internet or reading or whatever I can find to entertain myself. My room is exactly the feel that I need--light and airy and warm and full of life. It's my haven. I'll be sad to leave it when I go to college, but I'm also excited to decorate my future dorm room! And then during the summers I'll be able to come home to my little sanctuary once more.

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