Sunday, February 5, 2012

I love you, Sunshine

The sun finally came out! After thirteen inches of snow in one day and overall dreary weather, it was nice of the sun to finally show his face. Even right now he's peaking through all the windows and giving hope for summer.

If there is any clothing I love, it's socks. If you buy me fun socks I will love you forever. Even if people don't see my socks, I just get all happy knowing that I have cute socks. :) These cupcake ones were from one of my friends for my birthday! She knows me too well, haha!
I'm a sucker for socks.

My grandmother gave me a lot of her old brooches (Okay, really only two), and I had them all on my bag, but I decided to wear one with this outfit, and immediately I was hooked! They really add a cute finishing touch and a little bit of whimsy. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more in the future.

Do you have any cute little wardrobe obsessions? I'd love to hear about it. :)


  1. I have this obsession with circle scarves.
    I only have four... but that's still a lot, right :P

  2. The brooch is sooo cute! And I love the pics!
    I do have some obsessions, especially for my vintage jewelry.

    S. - The Hearabouts

  3. your eyes are just gorgeous!

    weren't you cold out in the snow?
    i would've frozen over before i managed to get a smile out in those weather conditions! o: