Tuesday, February 21, 2012


day 51

Good golly isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? Since we didn't get to do very much yesterday on our actual anniversary, today Matt and I had an awesome adventure! We chilled out at his house, watching Supernatural and scaring ourselves silly, wrestling (quite literally. Matt's brother was concerned for my safety, haha. I stayed strong though. But even though Matt won the tickle battle, he has not won the war!), running around the fabric store (I had to purchase some things for myself and for school), and finally going to the arcade at the mall! Ever since my drama teacher and his fiance introduced us the the glory that is the arcade, Matt and I have made it a tradition to go there. I always get the jackpot on the thunder game, he always gets the jackpot on the ball drop game, and we both always get the high score on the shark smashing game. We're already at 5,000 tickets! There's a waffle maker as one of the prizes (crazy Alaskans, I guess), and he and I jokingly said that we were going to get it for our future home. We shall see.

All in all it was an awesome anniversary and I still have the biggest crush on him ever. :3 Aaawe so mushy gushy grossness. That is all.

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  1. awww u did have a nice anniversary =) u 2 make a great couple!!