Saturday, January 21, 2012

gold key

day 21

Today has seriously been fantastic. It was a lazy day for the most part, but then my family and I headed to the regional Scholastic Art and Writing awards. Matt and his brother Ben were able to come too and I was so excited they were there. I was really nervous and Matt was nervous for me. Each time an honorable mention was named, I was thinking, "Please don't say my name!"

The same thing occurred with the silver medalists, a name would be called and I would be so scared that it was going to be mine!
And then finally it was on to the gold medals and they called my name!

It was such a grand honor to be selected as a gold key winner and to have one of my works read. Now my portfolio will go on to the national competition, and I shall hear the results of that in a few months. It all is still quite surreal for me so I'm somewhat unsure of what else to write about, but I cannot wait for the opportunities in store in the upcoming months!

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