Monday, January 16, 2012

there are mustaches on my nails!

shirt is thrifted // shoes, shorts, and tights from forever 21 // jacket from a friend // sunglasses from fred meyer

Oh my gosh! Look at how sunny it's been! It seems like the past couple of weeks the sun has been nonexistent ... I almost forgot what it looks like! But the good ol' sun has been showing his bright face and I love the company. Plus, he's been staying out longer and longer and soon he'll be out for nearly all twenty four hours. Oh I cannot wait.

Today I went to Value Village with my dad. Unknown to us, they were having a 50% off sale for the holiday. Score! I nabbed some goodies that are wear-ready as well as one or two pieces I get to fix up. There was the craziest grandma dress ever and I knew it would be an awesome project to tackle. Too bad I'll be super busy for the next couple of weeks. But we shall get to that dress and make it awesome.

If you don't know much about me, you will quickly find out that I love to paint my nails. Probably from junior high until sophomore year I would paint my nails all the time. For some strange reason I quit wearing nail polish as much, but that phase quickly began and ended. Thank the Lord. Nail polish is such a fun way to express yourself. But if you think about it, painting on your nails is weird. (I find a lot of common things odd, like hair. These weird dead cells are coming out of your head ... and that's beautiful? Haha this is my train of thought. Anyways ...) Who ever came up with painting nails? I bet everyone thought they were crazy. Regardless, I'm glad they did! I follow Hey! Nice Nails and they always have awesome designs. I use a toothpick for details. It's a little bit time consuming, but it's somewhat therapeutic so I enjoy it.

Well I'm off to celebrate some birthdays (my dad's and my brother's and mine, although my birthday hasn't occurred yet). Time for yummy food! Hope you have an awesome week.

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