Saturday, January 14, 2012

searching for places we do not know

day 14
she thought she was the nighttime
floating out in space
but she discovered she was sunshine
when she saw his face

inspired by this amazing picture my boyfriend took over a year ago:

Today has been pretty awesome for the most part. In order to graduate from high school I have to retake health and P.E. (since I did them in junior high at my previous school and therefore the credits did not transfer when I changed schools), so I sat down and did another health lesson. I think there are only three left! I also typed up all my P.E. hours, which is pretty much anything that resembles physical activity. I have many photoshoots listed as P.E. It's awesome. After I worked on other posts and today's 365 I got a horrific headache, so I had to cease my activities, but literally once I started eating dinner, it went away. Who ever heard of food stopping headaches? Hmm ... So later tonight I shall finally clean my room and finish my creative writing assignment.

Haha, I'm sure you all wanted to read about the monotonous details of my day.

I feel like I have grown exponentially photography-wise since starting this project (and we're only on day 14!). My photography is finally something I can (for the most part) be proud of again, but I know it can be even greater. Given the option, I think I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. That way I could create art without having myself get in the way as much. But then again, I'm always afraid of directing models, afraid of coming across as rude for telling them what to do. (Also afraid of having them do absolutely crazy and ridiculous things.) I hope in the near future I'll be able to photograph other people every day so that I can grow even more.

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