Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend at the lake

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(day 188)

Every year my family and our good family friends get together for a weekend at the lake. They have a cabin on their own island on the lake (it's a huge body of water) so they always invite us down to go play with them. So this past weekend we gathered our things, all the important stuff like swim suits and brownies and cameras, and headed to go play in the sun!

The first day we didn't hang out on the water as we got there after dinnertime, so we mostly sat around and talked and played a million games of nertz and chinese war. Thus began the weekend long chinese war game with much screaming and slamming hands and annoyed parents and kids who were having too much fun to care. Seriously, that is the most fun card game around and it can last for hours or be over in an instant. Plus it's intense and the "turntables," as Adam would say, change in an instant (aka the tables turn quickly).

In between the chinese wars, we found time to inner tube. We (my family) donned borrowed wet suits and braved the fifty degree weather to get really wet, driving rain pierced into our skin. It was awesome. I bet animals think we're crazy, riding around on platforms filled with air, skiing along the edge of the water just for the heck of it. Or maybe the ducks just freak out when we try to run over them with the jet ski. Don't worry, they always swim under the water to get out of the crazy human's way.

(day 189)

This picture goes without saying, but everyone's hair ended up looking like we came straight out of a cartoon.

The second night we were there, us older girls (Natalie, her friend Lindsay, and I) all slept out in a tent on the dock. With the waves slowly rocking us to sleep despite all the crazy summer parties going on on the mainland, we dreamed of the next day of adventures. Don't you just love it when you've been out on the water all day and when you close your eyes you can almost feel the back and forth motion of the waves? I love that feeling.

(day 190)

The third and final day we woke up to beautiful sunshine and immediately got to work having fun. More jet-skiing, more inner tubing, more drying off by the fire, more chinese war, it was certainly the perfect end to an awesome weekend.

(Here's the group, minus a brother and the dads and myself.)

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! What did you do?

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