Saturday, July 14, 2012

on the trail

One day last week my family went hiking on one of the many trails around the city and of course I had to take a million and one photos. But hey, I'm fine with a ton of photos, because who doesn't want to look at pretty flowers?

I have my brother William here with me (he's the blonde one). He's an expert on plants and knew a lot of the names of the flora we stumbled upon. This flower is a Columbine and my favorite flower we saw on the hike.

William thinks these flowers are called Morning Stars, and I don't doubt his expert knowledge.

The flower on the left is called Bluebell and the one on the right is Lupine. It just amazes me how many different kinds of flowers there are and how intricate and detailed each one is. It's beautiful how each little part of the flower was made perfectly.

These pretties are Clovers, pretty common but I still love them. Who doesn't love a pretty purple flower?

This plant is Devil's Club. And that's my mom's hand. These plants are crazy huge. The leaves are around 16 inches wide, and the plant has been known to grow as tall as 16 feet!

Aside from seeing pretty flowers, we also stopped to sit on the bluff, which overlooked the ocean and the city below. It was a perfect view to see so many different aspects of Alaska: the forests, mountains, ocean, and city.

Also on our hike we ran into a baby moose. It was chilling out right on the trail. Moriah was excited about it because she thought that meant we would have to turn back and therefore not finish the hike (moose can be pretty dangerous), but after we stared at the moose and it stared back, it ran up the side of the mountain. On our way back we spotted the baby again, but it evaded us pretty quickly.

I really love being able to explore all the different places in Alaska (just maybe not so early, Daddy. :) ) and it's great to know that there are great adventures mere minutes from our doorstep.

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