Tuesday, July 10, 2012

just a moment

(botanical garden)

day 191

All this week I am taking photos for my church, of our yearly day camp for the neighborhood kids. It's nice to actually get out of the house and explore Alaska while spending zero money and taking photos of people. Today I followed some kids to the botanical garden. The weather was perfect and everything just had a magical feel about it.

Our guide was so excited about the plants. (It reminded me of my brother because he too loves plants and at one point wanted to be a botanist.) He was even taking photos of the plants. Even though he's been through the garden millions of times, it was so sweet to watch him do that and hear him talk about all the things he wants to do with the garden. I'm sure he's seen the plants many times before and yet he still loves to take pictures of them. How can one person be so passionate about something? He really just loves learning. He told us that if he didn't know something, he just had to learn and discover everything about it.

I also made a little photographer friend. Her name was Shelby, I think. I showed her how to take macro shots with her kit lens. I probably won't ever see her after this week and it's so interesting to me how people come into our lives for just a moment and then are gone forever. I wonder how many times I have been just a moment to someone else? I don't ever want to fade from someone's memory, but how can that even be done?

It's amazing to think that humans have their whole lives weighing on their shoulders. I often think of this when I see old people and children, like our guide who was showing the kids the different types of plants. How did he get to be where he was today? What kind of kid was he like? Is this what he wanted to do with his life? And just think of how many days he's lived, how many little smiling and crying moments he's gone through to shape every wrinkle in his face. The same goes for the kids. Just think of everything they are still naive to, their innocence hanging by a thread. I wonder what those kids want to be when they grow up and if they're going to achieve it.

Aaah yes, what a deep blog post. On a lighter note, I received a pretty skirt in the mail today and the letter saying that I passed my AP English exam. Time to party!

I'm taking photos of kids for the rest of this week, so plan on that taking up the majority of the blog. But hey, I love taking photos. At one point today my camera ran out of battery and my mom had to bring me another one, and for the fifteen minutes that I couldn't take photos I felt so useless. Funny to think that three years ago that wouldn't have mattered, but today taking photos means the world to me. I must do my job and capture and preserve memories. I don't know, I just like piecing people together to give them a timeline of their life, so they can see those little moments that lead them to today.

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