Friday, July 27, 2012

happiness; hold on

day 208

For the morning part of today I moped around, watched the finale of Design Star that had been recorded, got sucked into two hours of Chopped, and then decided to do something productive and take photos. I will have a full outfit post up in a few hours (woah I'm doing an outfit post? It's only been forever since I did one.) so be excited people! All the neighbors and people on the road probably thought I was absolutely insane while I took this photo ... but that's okay. You can see the before and after on my facebook page! (you could maybe even 'like' it pretty please?)

After I started feeling better from getting a million scratches from trees and dirty looks from drivers for laying on coolers in front of a camera (I'm actually not being sarcastic, I get such a rush from doing crazy things like that), I went to church to practice my song on Sunday (yeeeah I'm singing in church oh happy happy joy) and then headed over to Matt's house to watch Doctor Who and hang out with super awesome people. So I would say my bad day ended up being pretty great.

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