Monday, July 2, 2012

don't slow down

day 183

Some kids sneak out of their house at night to go to parties and do drugs, my brother and I sneak out to take pictures in the driveway. Just remember that Dad when you learn that William and I took pictures by the light of the car's hazard lights.

I had tried to take a nap today because of a nasty headache, and of course when I woke up it was 11:30pm. I've always wanted to take photos using the headlights of a car, but being scared that turning on the car would wake up my parents (especially when their bedroom window was open ... thanks a lot Daddy. ;) ), I just used the hazard lights. William came out with me for moral support (aka I wanted a witness if a bear attacked me), and when self portraits weren't coming out like I had planned, William sat in front of the light and we ended up with the image above.

I do want to revisit this idea again sometime, so Daddy, if you ever wake up to the sound of the car engine running, don't worry. It's just me being a rebel child and taking pictures at night.

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