Saturday, August 4, 2012


dress: handmade // skirt: asos // shoes: forever 21

There were seriously a million mosquitoes around when I took these photos. In Alaska we have this joke that mosquitoes are the state bird because they get so big and there are a ton of them. I have mosquito bites everywhere, there's even one particularly itchy one on the tip of my elbow. Gosh, I hate mosquitoes.

I'm not quite sure this ensemble is quite representative of my everyday style, but regardless, I felt really awesome wearing it. I'm not one to wear tube skirts or whatever they're called (and quite honestly no one should wear those things), but now I can see the joy in those little things. This skirt (and I didn't realize this when I purchased it online) is actually a tube skirt with a bubble skirt attached over it. It makes the skirt stay in one place on me but still gives a full, pretty skirt look.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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