Thursday, August 9, 2012

our dreams collide

day 220

Sorry I didn't upload this yesterday. It was an interesting day, to say the least. I woke up early to go to an orthodontist appointment, and then my mom and I did a little bit of shopping and eating. Then I worked on sewing my dress all day (and I'm almost done!), until it was time to babysit. The kids' parents were supposed to be home at 10pm, so I thought I would be able to take photos outside when I was done. Turns out a wreck happened on the highway right before they were leaving the restaurant so the highway was closed for three hours. They weren't able to get home until 12:30pm. I didn't mind it, but the sun had disappeared and I was really tired and didn't put forth any effort in this photo.

day 221

Today I babysat the kids again, this time just during the day. All the neighborhood kids were out, so my job was fairly easy, just letting them run around. Other than that, it was more of the same: sewing, watching the Olympics, and nothing else.

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