Monday, August 20, 2012

then the century shifted

day 233

Today was the last day I had anything scheduled before moving, and man did we go out with a bang. My friend Becca had this concept of a water nymph in her head and asked me to model for her! Of course I had to snap my own photo (thank you Becca for pushing the button for me, haha), but I think I modeled better for her than for myself.

You can see her picture here!

I was super excited to actually do something absolutely insane for a photo. We gathered quite the crowd on the other side of the lake and I nearly died in the water (It was really marshy and there was no solid ground. From the pictures it doesn't look that deep, but man the drop off scared me to death, haha. Thankfully I was sitting on an underwater log, otherwise I probably would have died. Just kidding, but seriously). The water itself was really warm and I had a ton of fun doing it. That's one thing I'm excited about when I move to the lower forty eight--I'll actually be close to other photographers who are willing to do crazy things like this (with strangers thinking we're insane) and who want me to do crazy things. It was definitely an awesome day.

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