Monday, August 6, 2012

mind your matter

day 218

Yet again I did not take pictures when it was light out, nor did I bring my camera around town when my gut told me to. But I am still pleased with these photos. I bought the bird as a prop to use for inspiration, as well as a couple other props which I hope to use on models in the near future.

As for my adventures today, I sang in church again, my brother also sang; then I got to go eat dinner with Matt's family and his friend Jackson and his girlfriend Jessica, and then we all headed back to Matt's house to make s'mores. I love his family so much and I love being able to spend time with them. But right now I am so tired I'm not even sure this little paragraph makes sense, so I'm just going to end by saying thank you for all your support and I love you guys! Haha I hope you have an awesome day.

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