Sunday, August 26, 2012


day 238

Yesterday already seems like such a blur (sorry I keep posting these a day late ... hopefully tonight's 365 will be somewhat on time!). We explored around the town and basically I'm in love. There are cool coffee shops and thrift stores everywhere--I am literally in heaven. Plus, there are a lot of awesome photoshoot locations. If only I wasn't so nervous to take pictures of myself. It's not that I care about what people think, but I do somewhat. Eh, I guess I'll have to explore around and find a spot where no one can see me jumping around and acting crazy in front of a camera.

Also yesterday the rest of the students came (person overload!) and there was a rap party and a bunch of other stuff. I opted to go back to my room and continue decorating. I can only handle so much social interaction. And my room is aaalmost done. Well, I say that now, but who knows, I'll probably continue adding to it until I have to take it all down again for the summer.

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