Saturday, August 11, 2012

so much for that bright idea

day 223

Yay! William modeled for me two days in a row!

This photo describes how I've been feeling a lot recently in regards to concepts in photography. Some times my ideas for photos are bursting at the seams, and other times it seems like they blow up and disappear before I can even think of them. Either I get an awesome idea or no idea. But there was a lot of positive support for my 365 photo yesterday on facebook that it made me really strive to create another smashing image (pun completely intended). Even though I will take photos even if no one ever says anything about them, it's always a big boost to have positive things said about my pictures. So thank you!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Aly again (those of you who have been reading for a long time have seen her before!) to do a 365 shoot, so it will be another day filled with awesome pictures, and I cannot wait!

A detail shot is on my photography page.

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