Wednesday, August 22, 2012


day 235

This is my crazy, awesome family. They have had to live with me (aka insanity) for the past eighteen years, so hopefully they'll be okay without me. ;)

I had thought of a lot of things to write on my last day in Alaska. In less than an hour my parents and I will be driving to the airport. My boyfriend Matt and his sister said it a lot better than I ever could, and since I don't really have that much time to write, you guys can just read what they wrote.

My brother wrote this as his facebook status, and I just want to put it here for my own rememberings,

"Today my oldest sister goes off to college. Today she will leave home. With her she will take crazy awesome photos, loud obnoxious hiccups and amazing acting and painting skills away. In her absence I will assume the role of oldest child in the house. With it will come the responsibility of keeping my younger siblings alive for the next three days and...for that matter, until I leave. It is a heavy burden. But I will have God to aid me.

Lauren may God bless you on your travels. May He show His ways to you. That He will show you your purpose and place in life. May God bring times of joy on all your days. May you constantly be happy and healthy. And even when rain falls and the thunder rolls, just remember that God is there by your side.

Good luck Lauren and God be with you."

Alaska has held a lot of things for me, memories both happy and sad. But now my chapter in Alaska is about to close, and as my friend Wolfe wrote on a facebook status, "Ahead is a new chapter, I can't wait to read it."

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