Thursday, August 2, 2012

don't go too far

day 214

Sometimes I wish I could be God, only for the fact that I then would be able to see a person's entire past, all of their thoughts and feelings and struggles and dreams. It's a horrible feeling to know that no one in the entire world will ever know every single thing about you, every little word that marked you. Even if you spend your entire life with someone, you still will never know all the stories from their childhood; and even more intimately, how they felt and their thoughts during those stories.

Sorry this photo is so late, I have spent the wee hours of the evening working on a project that I can't wait to share with you guys, and I couldn't bear to leave it unfinished for the time being just in the name of a good night's rest. I'm a teenager, I'm allowed to make dumb decisions like that (oh just listen to me, I'm such a rebellious person, sewing at two in the morning). The only other thing of consequence that occurred today was me babysitting my kids again, but today they were less than perfect so I don't have too many fun stories to share. Except the neighbor kid decided to put a little table and chairs under the trampoline and set up a portable dvd player to watch Rolie Polie Olie. (Blast from the past for me.) Of course it was pouring down rain (and by pouring I totally mean a little more than a sprinkle) and a trampoline isn't the best cover from the rain. The kids' mom said we couldn't watch a movie today, but they managed to do so anyways, thanks to the makeshift outdoor theater. But don't worry, we still got ready for bed in time.

As for this photo, I basically put in zero effort. The rain made me avoid going outdoors (though I usually don't let it stop me). This is the first photo in the 365 project that hasn't been expanded in a while, but I am quite alright with that.

Hope you had a lovely Wednesday.

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