Sunday, April 1, 2012

We'll dazzle them all, hold on

dress: handmade // shirt, shoes: forever 21 // scarf: friend // earrings: gift

April Fools! I didn't really dye my hair (though I just might do it sometime in the future.) Did I fool anyone? Eh? Eh? April Fool's is seriously one of my favorite holidays ever. I get so tickled telling stories from past years. I've pulled some good ones on others, and others have pulled some good ones on me!

I got this scarf from Sarah Ann Loreth, an extremely talented photographer and super sweet person. I love how the scarf is translucent but is still warm, and just look at how long it is!

The guys at my dad's work bought these earrings for me. You would die if you heard all the funny stories my dad tells us about his job. Here's a little glimpse into how it is: Every person in his office each bought their own RC helicopter and every day they have wars with them. Yeah. I don't think they ever get any actual work done. They held a contest for the best northern lights photo so my dad turned in mine, and they actually got me a prize for winning! (I don't think anyone else entered though, haha. It probably wasn't even a real contest, knowing them.) But it was super sweet of them to get something for me. :) Now I have genuine "Made in Alaska" jewelry!

Have a great day everyone!

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