Saturday, April 21, 2012

love what you do

day 112

Isn't Matt the cutest thing you ever did see? Goodness I am so in love with him.

Today was a pretty exciting day for me. First I hung out the library with people to study for our AP English final in a few weeks (we actually didn't get too much studying done but that's okay because I was just happy to be invited to a study group with girls ... since 99% of my friends are guys and sometimes I miss just hanging out with girl friends). We'll be getting together a couple more times before the final. Sweet!

But after that I went to help Matt with his latest video. He's making it for a contest and this is a big step for him because it's his first time working with actors other than his family (for a personal video. He's filmed other people for school). He is so talented. Maybe I'll make a post with some of his videos because he really is amazing.

That contraption that Matt's holding? Yeah, he made it. I'm telling you, the man is crazy awesome.

Matt is going to major in filmaking and I couldn't be more proud of him. Just seeing how much joy making videos brings to him makes me so happy and I'm super proud to be his girlfriend.

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