Sunday, April 29, 2012

shake it like a polaroid

dress/skirt: thrifted / shoes: diy

The thing I love most about thrift shopping, even more than finding buried treasure, is the fact that all the clothes have had a previous owner. I wonder what the people were like and why they got rid of their clothes. Every piece of clothing holds a story, and while I'll never know its actual story, it's fun to make it up.

For the dress, I imagine a tall lady with bright red hair and matching red heels wearing this to an art gallery. I bet all the men were intimidated by her because she was so beautiful but sometimes when she sat down at the coffee shop a fine gentleman had the courage to sit down across from her. And now I bet they're living in Paris.

Probably not really the history of this dress, but it's nice to dream, huh?

I'm really loving mixing prints, so I added even more print variation with my nail polish. I really liked how the warm finger nail polish contrasted the cool skirt.

Well I'm off to do a photoshoot. In the meantime, have a great day everyone!

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