Wednesday, April 18, 2012

short weather?

eeee maybe not quite short weather just yet! But one can hope! I wore this outfit a couple days ago when it was sunny outside, and just yesterday the weather turned gross, but today the temperature was up in the 50s! Woah man! It's summer weather! Hahaha. I really wanted to go with a monochromatic theme with some pink lipstick ... so thank you Mommy for letting me borrow your shirt!

The lipstick is actually super old. I bought it for my mom a long time ago as a mother's day present (like when I was twelve, I think) and she never wore the crazy pink color, so eventually it made its way into my possession. Thus far I have had no success with lipstick that I'm really happy about. I really need some that will stay on all day. It's weird when I'm wearing bright pink lipstick in the morning and it's all rubbed off by the end of the day! I guess that's what I get for always buying the cheap brand though, haha.

How about you? Do you have anything that's found its way into your possession?

Anyways, have an awesome day!

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