Saturday, December 8, 2012

the secrets we keep

the secrets we keep

day 342

Today has been an incredibly long day, but one where a lot has been overcome. Who knew I could learn so much in one day? To borrow from my boyfriend's facebook status: "Sometimes we forget how damaged people are from things that happened before we even knew them. We assume that their life began when we met them. But they lived an entire life before we knew their name, and assuming otherwise is unbelievably dangerous. Everyone has scars, everyone was hurt in the past. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Always remember that. We'll never know the full story - so don't take it upon yourself to fill in the blanks."

That status goes perfectly with the meaning I had set up for this 365 photo, where title is actually from a popular song about a girl in prostitution and the song talks about the facade that people put up and even though people you see look like they have it all together, they are really falling apart on the inside. And I think that image really shows that a. you can't judge people by their appearance, and b. everyone has demons that they face and you should be kind and loving to everyone and smile at strangers that you pass on the street because they could be fighting a hard battle and you would never know it. I think it really shows that every person is more than just a passing face and they have a story and an entire past wrapped up into who they are and I purposely created the image to tell a story and to stir up emotion. (Mostly the emotion of compassion for the character because a lot of things in the photo imply that she is facing a hardship--downward gaze, the smoke that presents mystery, the tones of the photo, etc. and to get the viewer to want to help her.)

I think it takes a lifetime to not only learn about a person but it also takes a lifetime to realize that there are people other than you. What I mean is, that other people have thoughts and feelings and the things you do and say affect those feelings. I want to live a life where I only create positive feelings for others. Above all, I want to be a good friend.

Speaking of friends, today some of my friends and I celebrated the end of the semester by dressing up all fancy and going out for cheesecake. It was so so much fun and I am blessed beyond belief to have these girls in my life.

Today's 365 photo was an incredibly awesome accident. Ivy and I sat down by a mirror to wait for the other girls and we noticed it created an awesome effect. So right there Ivy modeled for me and I modeled for her, obviously:

Oh yeah. We're hot. The mirror loves us. ;) (But seriously my friends are so beautiful, inside and out.)

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  1. This was such a beautiful post. I really needed that. So beautifully put. Thank you!