Saturday, December 1, 2012

stop whispering

stop whispering

day 335

I know this picture isn't really creative, but I played around with it in photoshop and I wanted a new facebook profile picture, hehe. My date Amy and I went to a fancy Art Christmas party and it was so much fun! You guys would have been proud at how much I was talking. It was seriously a blast eating and hanging out with people and then dancing. You would think that art people would be boring dancers but man, they can get crazy! I can't wait to be an art major! (I'm currently an English major, but I'm going to double major ... I just have to fill out the paperwork!) I seriously love being able to go to a school where everyone is passionate about what they're studying and I love being surrounded by passionate people. Plus the Christmas season always puts me in a good mood. (And this note is for my parents: at the party they played a song from that one Christmas orchestra that you guys always play and it instantly took me back to Christmas in Alaska. I can't wait to come back home in just two weeks!)

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