Friday, May 31, 2013

may photos

red seas

"red seas"

need to find some sunshine

"need to find some sunshine"

before the morning TORNADO RELIEF PRINT

"before the morning"

the ebb and flow to multiply

"the ebb and flow to multiply"

These are all the photos I've posted online for the month of May. (You can click on each photo to view it on flickr.) I haven't done as much in actual shooting this month, but I'm really proud of each photo. Slowly but surely I'm learning about quality over quantity.

965031_10151610609681661_1022268986_o (1)

I also edited these photos taken by Cierra and Katja, respectively. (The one on the left is theirs, the one on the right is my edit.) I'm part of a group on facebook where people post pictures for others to edit, which is a really fun idea and a great time waster.

Right now I'm trying to find a good direction to go with my personal work. Thinking of maybe starting a series, but nothing concrete has flourished just yet. Who knows? Maybe I won't make any photos this month, maybe I'll make twenty. I'm pleased with where I am right now.

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