Sunday, May 12, 2013

rebel streaks

shirt: Matt's // skirt/tights: thrifted // boots: forever 21

I hope everyone had a fun mother's day yesterday! Considering that was all anyone talked about on facebook, I would say everyone had a swell time. My little sister and I had been working hard on a mother's day present for our mom. I printed out a photo of the both of us and she and I wrote a poem together. It made our mom cry, so I would say it was a very successful present. But seriously though, my mom is the best.

So I have a funny story to tell you all. At least, it was hilarious for me. So backspace to Saturday. My parents were going to be running errands all day, so they left me in charge to get my brothers to an event in the morning. So I woke up, got ready to take them, and we were all ready to go, when we began to wonder where the car keys were (our family has two cars, and my parents took one of them). We searched through the entire house, and came to the conclusion that my dad had taken his set of keys, and then my mom had taken her purse, where the second set of keys were hiding. We were all stranded at the house with no way to get anywhere, and on top of that, my parents are the worst at answering their cell phones, so they were driving around in blissful ignorance while us children were scrambling to find a way to get around town. (Eventually they got a ride and it was all worked out.)

Fast forward to today, Sunday, as church is ending. My parents have to run a few more errands, so my dad gives me the keys to drive my siblings home (both of the cars are at church). My mom gives my brother her set of keys as well. I'm sitting in the car with two of the kids, kid number three comes out, puts the extra keys in the van, and gets into the white car with me. That's when I get a brilliant, evil, ingenious idea. (I'm sure you all know where this is going.) We retrieve the extra keys out of the van, and now with both sets in our possession, we position the car in a hideout location to wait for our parents to realize they are now stranded. Oh man, what a rush I felt! Such rebellion! My brother is hiding out in a friend's car to film the event, and my mom calls me as soon as they think we have left them keyless. After trying to open the van door, which is locked, they spot my brother failing at being sneaky, who then jumps out of the friend's car, dashes to mine, and we make a speedy getaway like in one of those movies where the bad guys are leaving the scene of the crime all cool like. The people in the parking lot were cheering and laughing as we flew through the air, tasting the sweet freedom that we rebels so deserved.
Oh sweet sweet revenge!

But then of course we turned back and returned the keys, and our parents thought it was the greatest thing ever. I mean, they deserved it, it was the perfect opportunity, they practically handed it to us on a silver platter. And as my brother would say, "Lauren, they did hand it to us ... they gave us both the keys!"

If that doesn't say happy mother's day, then I don't know what does.

Thus ends my rebel streak. No children were punished. And my parents had a good laugh.

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