Sunday, May 19, 2013

my week in instagram #44, 45, 46

laying outside with friends // sunny days in Oregon // the dorm room being overrun with boxes // triple "s" award // my roommate pretending to be me // last darkroom print of the semester // first dutch bros // my favorite stretch of road // graffiti to commemorate our first year // finally back in Alaska // back of camera preview for a magazine // filing old Iditarod film slides // getting ready for spring // superman kitty // baby sled dog puppy // watching my boss take photos of Martin Buser and fans

Since getting out of college I kind of fell behind on my weekly instagram posts, so here are some of the highlights of the past few weeks. You can always follow my adventures @impulsings but since being back in Alaska they've been kind of slow thanks to poor reception. Good ol' cell phone coverage.

Have a great day everyone!

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