Monday, May 6, 2013

new beginnings

shirt: target // cardigan: thrifted // dress: c/o sugarlips // boots: forever 21

Well I am back in Alaska! When I heard that there was still snow on the ground, I definitely was not excited to come home. After leaving Oregon's gorgeous weather, I didn't want to wake up to snowfall. Weeeell this is how it looked on Saturday (that was my outfit, but most of the photos turned out blurry because my camera kept focusing on the snowflakes instead of me), and while part of me always loves the snow and how beautiful and peaceful it is, I don't particularly like it in May. Yesterday and today have been better though. I can only hope the snow will be gone soon! It's weird though, when it's 45 degrees in Oregon, I'm so cold, but when it's 45 degrees in Anchorage, it feels nice. I don't know if it's because the air is drier, or because the sun is reflecting off the snow into my skin, but there's just something about it that is very different from the lower forty eight. Matt said the same thing. He was up this weekend just to visit, but he flew back to his school this afternoon to finish out the next three weeks.

Also today, I started my new (aka first) job! (Well, unpaid internship, but who cares about technicalities.) I'm working for a really awesome photographer alongside one of my photographer friends, and today was our first day in the studio. I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity to learn about the business of photography, study under him, and make invaluable contacts with his clients. I even get my own desk space which I get to personalize however I like ... so cheesy, but I've always wanted a work desk like those generic ones on tv shows. I'm also really excited for this job because it gives me something to do all day. I don't have many friends in Alaska, so my summers are for the most part really boring--sitting around the house, browsing the internet all day, sleeping a lot, it gets old after a while--but this will be a nice change. I love the idea of working all day doing something that I love to do, and then coming home and relaxing, or working on my own projects. Working at the studio really inspires me to work harder with my own business, and I'm already thinking up ideas to expand Lauren Parker Photography!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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