Monday, May 20, 2013

pray for moore.

Please please pray for the city of Moore, Oklahoma. I'm sure you've heard the news by now. They were hit with an F4 tornado a mile wide and at least 50 people are dead so far. Moore was my home. My first house that I spent my preschool through first grade years is completely destroyed, and the house that I spent five years in is either okay but has damage, or is destroyed. We can't get ahold of the tenants that live there now, and whether or not it's okay is by a few blocks. We're just not sure right now. Some friends and family are okay, some we don't know about. It's so weird watching the news and seeing the helicopters fly over places I used to drive by or hang out at. It's now all a pile of debris. There's nothing left.

It's one thing when a natural disaster happens somewhere else in the world, but it's another thing when it happens where so much of your life took place. I just want to cry or jump on a plane and go help. I want to do that more than anything and I wish I was there. The news has been on constantly at our house and my facebook has been exploding with concerns, photos, videos, people trying to contact their friends and family ... it's terrifying. Please pray.

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