Monday, May 20, 2013

summer dreaming

dress/belt: thrifted // scarf: from Matt // leggings: forever 21 // boots: gift

It was just beginning to feel like summer when I spent all night frolfing, driving around, and hanging out with people, but now it doesn't even feel remotely like that. Especially since we got another snowstorm. Well, we officially broke the record for longest winter ever recorded, so Alaska has no more excuses. The weather report says it's supposed to be up to 65 degrees by Friday, so I can only hope.

What I'm really hoping for is it to be warm when Matt gets home (only one week left!), because with him here I really think it will actually feel like summer. Our whole group of friends will finally be complete, so I'm hoping for much frolfing, video game playing, and general schenanigans. And with Matt, laying out in the grass, taking fun day trips to places while singing at the top of our lungs, going to the arcade and hitting the jackpot on the thunder game, or even just having dinner and family game night at my house ... man, summer please come soon!

But for now, it's back to work. I'm officially selling my photos via arcangel images, which I'm very excited about. I signed a three year contract a couple weeks ago and had my first batch of images accepted. I'm still working on keywording everything (which is a lot more time consuming than it seems) and verifying my model releases, but hopefully that will be done in the next few weeks. Until then, if you happen to be a book publisher or magazine editor, you should buy one of my photos!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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