Wednesday, May 29, 2013

our only plan is to improvise

skirt: thrifted // dress: forever 21 // cardigan: gift // shoes: target

I wore this outfit once at college and loved it, but never got a chance to photograph it. Of course for any blogger, that is a blessing in disguise because then we get to wear the same outfit again. So when I found myself not quite knowing what to wear, I decided to don the same combination of clothes and avoid any unnecessary brain functions early in the morning. Well the second time around I succeeded in taking outfit photos, but I no longer feel the same way about this outfit. I've been looking back on my outfits this past month, trying to pinpoint the shift in my style. I suppose it's been a long time coming though, considering I'm always evolving and changing and consequently my clothes are bound to follow me. It's frustrating though. I feel like I can't express myself through my clothes, so I shop online and pretend I have money, and then I feel bad for feeling sorry for myself. Part of me says, "Who even needs clothes anyways? I certainly don't. There are so many better things I could spend my money on. I have enough clothes." Part of me says, "But I need to be able to express myself and feel confident. I need to have my wardrobe reflect me." And then of course there's the part of me that inevitably chooses the most expensive thing when I shop and have to constantly be disappointed. Curse my expensive taste and modest budget!

But anyways, today (Tuesday) Matt and I finally started P90X, and man, I forgot how hard it was. I did it with my mom in 2010 and loved it, so I'm excited to do it again and push myself harder. It's also fun to do it with Matt because he makes me want to do my best. It's always more fun to work out with a friend anyways. I don't think I would work as hard if I was just doing it by myself.

p.s. I finally got the chance to listen to the new Daft Punk album. Ooooh man it's awesome. You must listen to it.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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