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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

november photos



Model: Jessica

First time using studio lights! This was such a fun concept to shoot. We made a makeshift backdrop in our school's drawing room, threw flour and glitter everyone, and created some awesome images! I would love to use studio lights again, as they add a totally different feel and help me achieve some things I couldn't do with natural light. It's really exciting for me to know that there's a whole side of photography (really, many sides) that I haven't even begun to explore. There's just so much to learn!

Also this month I posted one of my graphic design assignments to my facebook page, which was a super fun assignment and I really want to be able to do more creative graphic design stuff like this in the future.

Our assignment was to take a song--I chose Supercollider by Radiohead--and interpret it into a lyric poster of sorts. Of course I had to be an overachiever and make two, but it was so much fun and I learned a lot (also I should note that if you are viewing this on a MAC, it looks a bit darker than I intended--so I'll have to remember that for next time!).

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Monday, November 4, 2013

october photos

beach couple

"beach couple"

models: two lovely strangers



model: Spencer
assistants: Ben and Harrison

a sailing waltz

"a sailing waltz"

model: Megan

lighthouse keeper

"lighthouse keeper"

model: Megan

Thanks to the Art Retreat, I got to create a lot of photos for the month of October. There are still more that I want to publish on the internet, so we will see if I remember that they exist at a time when I can/want to work on them (you know how that goes). But for October, I'd say it was a pretty successful month.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

august photos

far from highgarden

"far from highgarden"

Model: Felicity
Assistant: Heather
Wardrobe: Matt



(click to view bigger)

Soo proud of what I produced this month. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on these two photos, and it's honestly been extremely uplifting. There are at least two more images from my shoot with Felicity and Heather, but I haven't had time to process them yet. Maybe this month! August has actually been really great photography-wise. I've gotten to do three client projects, plus begun (begin? I really can't figure out which is correct) working on a huge shoot with another client. It's been so great, and I hope to keep it up!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

july photos


as the fog rolls in
"as the fog rolls in"

I cry for the earth
"I cry for the earth"

crazy cat lady
"crazy cat lady"


mourning shall come
"mourning shall come"

all that power
"all that power"

the benders of light
"the benders of light"

it's up in the air
"it's up in the air"

severed tie dyes
"severed tie dyes"

This month my photography has been all over the place, and I don't like it. It's not that I'm not proud of any of these pieces, it's just that they aren't my best and had I not been doing a 30 day challengeI would have never made some of these, much less uploaded them. But it's a learning process. I guess it just goes to show that there are some times in your life when you shouldn't do a "# day challenge" and I discovered that (at least for now) I am beyond that point (or sick of it, whichever way). But August has at least two photos that I am incredibly excited about, and if it all works out the way I envision, they will be some great portfolio pieces. So here's to August, I hope you hold some fantastic photographic adventures!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

june photos

take me back

"take me back"





(I'll be doing another post on "gold", which will include a video and some behind the scenes photos!)

As I suspected from the beginning of the month, I didn't create as many pieces for June. But the pieces I did create I am extremely proud of. It's definitely an effort of quality over quantity, and I'll take just a few amazing ideas over a lot of mediocre ones.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

may photos

red seas

"red seas"

need to find some sunshine

"need to find some sunshine"

before the morning TORNADO RELIEF PRINT

"before the morning"

the ebb and flow to multiply

"the ebb and flow to multiply"

These are all the photos I've posted online for the month of May. (You can click on each photo to view it on flickr.) I haven't done as much in actual shooting this month, but I'm really proud of each photo. Slowly but surely I'm learning about quality over quantity.

965031_10151610609681661_1022268986_o (1)

I also edited these photos taken by Cierra and Katja, respectively. (The one on the left is theirs, the one on the right is my edit.) I'm part of a group on facebook where people post pictures for others to edit, which is a really fun idea and a great time waster.

Right now I'm trying to find a good direction to go with my personal work. Thinking of maybe starting a series, but nothing concrete has flourished just yet. Who knows? Maybe I won't make any photos this month, maybe I'll make twenty. I'm pleased with where I am right now.

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