Wednesday, November 14, 2012

we stretch across generations

we stretch across generations

day 318

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What is beauty? Beauty is that which we see in nature. An old tree that has gazed upon generations. The forest around him was cut down and they were reduced to boards and shingles, but still they held beauty for they gazed upon generations. The people around them grew up and tall and touched the skies and flew past them. They saw the highest mountains and the deepest, darkest ocean trenches and still those desolate places held beauty for they gazed upon generations. The earth is beauty and beauty is the earth. We are all connected because of the universal handprint we bear and the beauty we possess and we stretch across generations.

I'm going to try to incorporate more writing into my photos, and in light of this post, my skills in writing and photography will both grow at the same time, even if I'm just writing a little bit each day.

When I was walking to the location for today's photo, I had a couple ideas, but today none of them seemed right. I ended up walking around, quickly running out of time before class, but then I looked up and saw an old tree with a crevice that looked just like an eye, so of course I had to take a picture of it.

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