Monday, November 19, 2012



day 323

Here's something a bit different for today's 365 photo! I was planning on doing just a simple portrait of my face, but it ended up being slightly different and I really like it.

Today was the first day I thought, "Why the heck did I move to Oregon?" I now realize why some people don't like Oregon. It was so rainy and windy I thought I was going to be blown away. Okay, I'm definitely exaggerating, but I am certainly pining for at least no rain in the clouds. I talked to my dad on the phone last night and he said that I have to have my Christmas list together by Thanksgiving, and after today, I am definitely going to be putting some boots on that list. I previously had no shoes that were waterproof, but thankfully the shoes that I bought a few weeks ago did the trick on this dreary day. So many puddles!

Other than that, I did really well on my two tests today. I already got the grade back for one (it was a 97% on my Bible test yay!) and am waiting for the other one, and I'm glad I can cross those things off my list of things I need to do before Thanksgiving!

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