Monday, November 26, 2012

stripes on stripes

entire outfit: borrowed

Part of me feels like I'm cheating completely with this whole personal style blogging thing when I wear outfits not even from my own wardrobe. (As if we could cheat with this stuff anyways.) I mean, not everyone can just pick out clothes that they didn't have to buy and wear them around. It's like my life is a walking pinterest dream. But really, I feel like there's an added challenge of going into a closet you're unfamiliar with and putting an outfit together without trying it on and then having to wear it the next day even if it looks bad on you because you already feel like you've outwarmed your welcome by invading someone else's closet in the first place (which I actually couldn't do because the girl I borrowed these from is the sweetest girl in the entire world) (and I really like this outfit, so Lauren got lucky!) I won't lie, it's awesome getting to have virtually eighteen other closets to pick and choose from, kind of because of feeling like I'm inside pinterest and kind of because it has really challenged me to explore different things and put together outfits based on patterns and color and proportion and not necessarily on how it looks on me. But what do you guys think? I want to know what your thoughts on this are!

But on to less controversial topics, I hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving break! Some of the highlights of mine were getting to see Matt, playing bingo, watching Skyfall, and watching Matt's family's old home videos. Little Matt was so precious and adorable and kind of made me fall in love with current Matt even more! It was so awesome being able to see him in person and I'm already counting down the days until when I get to see him again.

And now we officially can be in the Christmas spirit! Hope you all have a great day!

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