Friday, November 2, 2012


day 305

If yesterday's picture was taken early in the morning, then today's picture had to be taken at the last possible minute. My original night shoot idea didn't quite work out, but I think I like this one better. Though, I am still no good at shooting concepts at night. What can I say? I like my light and my 100 iso.

Everyone must be getting on the same wavelengths, because today was so lazy for my friends and I. Everyone was asleep after lunchtime! I don't know what it was (the rain, perhaps?) that made us sleepy, but I certainly won't complain. What else happened that is worth sharing? Hmm ... we watched Boy Meets World. Man, flashback Thursday! That was such a hilariously cheesy show. Oh the nineties. I feel sorry for anybody who can't appreciate the nineties. Furbies, scrunchies, shrinky dinks, Kids Bop number one, oh yes, those were the days.

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