Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in review

Wow, I can hardly believe another year has come and gone. I know it's been said that the older people get, the faster the years seem to fly by, but I never realized how fast they would be. Below are my favorite (documented) outfits of the year, as well as a recap on some things that I've been up to. (And here is 2011 and 2012)


January; Got to meet some amazing photographers and start taking my first photography class!

February; Held my first gallery show

March; Did a fun week of remixing over spring break.

April; Won my school's photography award.

May; Was featured in BokehOnline.

June; Went camping at the Russian River and Trail River, and participated in the Color Run.

July; Did a behind-the-scenes for my "Gold" photo, and photographed the 2013 Expedition Day Camp.

August; Finished my summer photography internship and went on an amazing backpacking trip.

September; Began my sophomore year of college strong by dying my hair purple, participating in the Color Run and being hired for the new yearbook staff!

October; Went on a beautiful Art Retreat, photographed the Bellarive + Digital Age concert, and went to the pumpkin patch

November; Was a pretty non-blogging month, but I went to the Switchfoot Concert and the Winter Formal with Matt, and had my photos published in Clubhouse Jr. Magazine.

December; Finished up the school year and came back to Alaska for winter break.

I hope you all had a very wonderful 2013, and may 2014 be even better!

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