Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back on 2011

Wow … can you believe another year has come and gone? I swear each year gets shorter and shorter. But it’s been a year not short of adventures for me!


began the 52 weeks project; entered a photography contest; cut all my hair off; auditioned and got a part in the school’s musical; was voted Junior class princess; had a surprise birthday party filled with pizza and movies and good friends; started making t-shirts for people (that was incredibly short lived);

made my first playlist; had the best valentine’s day ever; Matt and I had our first date; ran for school Vice-President; 


Matt let me borrow his DSLR (a major upgrade from my p&s); my writing was published in Collect/ive Magazine; had an awesome GNO; broke my pinky toe (first broken bone ever!); took pictures for church;


went whale watching; performed our school musical; 


painted the senior rock; started my summer blog; Matt and I started our blog; went camping many, many times; 


got strep throat three times; McDonald’s adventure with Aly; went camping more; hiked a lot; celebrated the one year anniversary of my tumblr and flickr; Matt and I had our cowboys & indians photo collaboration; 


went whale watching and saw a whale breech; got my braces off!; met Tim Hawkins; took my first commissioned senior portraits; opened my facebook photography page


had many bridal party adventures; went on a kayaking vacation; back-to-school retreat; received my graduation present early—a new camera!; finally rejoined lookbook; state fair (with henna tattoos!); 


explored an abandoned building with awesome people for my senior portraits; voted most artistic in my class; won a lottery to drive into Denali National Park; did my first kids shoot; auditioned and got a part in the musical;


painted a mural for church; got my driver’s license!; got to be in Becca’s wedding; Matt and I dressed up for halloween; 


pizza with three beautiful girls; played hide and seek in the school; saw a fata morgana; made flats for the musical; became addicted to knitting; 


accepted into college!; semi formal <3; sang in the musical; took pictures of my teachers’ wedding proposal; survived the semester with A’s and B’s; gave and received awesome presents; hung out with Matt’s family a lot; finished the 52 weeks project;

All in all it’s been an unbelievable year, filled with new challenges and opportunities. These past few days I’ve been working on things for 2012, one of which being another 365 project (yes, I am completely insane). I am very thankful for the awesome year God gave me, and I cannot wait for the next one!  Thank you to these people for being awesome friends: Matt, Jacob, Rory, Jenna, Abby, Amanda, Becca, Aly. You guys are the best ever.
Also, I might as well throw in my new years resolutions. I revisited my last year’s resolutions and think I did okay, so let’s make this upcoming year even more successful! My goals:
  • take pictures I’m proud of.
  • read the Bible in one year.
  • write a novel.
  • always take time to do the things I love to do.
And that is all! I hope you enjoy the last day of the year. Be safe. Thank you for all your love and support—it really means the world to me. And may 2012 be awesome!

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  1. Couple of thoughts:
    1. I heard once that the reason each year seems to pass more quickly is that because as creatures that live in time, we experience it relatively. That is to say that your first year felt like a lifetime, your second only felt like 1/2 the whole, your third 1/3 and so on... No idea if it's true but...
    2. Your first kid's shoot (love the wording there ;-) was amazing, if it's the one I'm thinking about. Went over gang busters at Christmas.
    3. The mural rocks - hope you saw it decorated for christmas and approved.
    4. I've got a really neat addition to your bible in a year project that might make it fun. Ask me next time you see me - it'll be easier to show you.

    Cool Blog!